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Mari Alexander

Our mission is to improve health and survival in childbirth for mothers and newborns in low resource settings by sharing knowledge of life savings skills and promoting quality health in a culturally sustainable manner.

Our Mission

Meet the Safe Passage to Motherhood Team


 Jennifer Rex
 Christine Martell

Founder, VisualsSpeak, LLC


Jennifer Rex is a Certified Nurse-Midwife working at the University of Florida Maternal Infant Care Project.  She has spent her career serving women and families in under-served areas. She has experience with rural and migrant populations in the US and has work internationally in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Mari is a Physician's Assistant in Family Medicine; a  Diversity  & Cross-Cultural Consultant in Healthcare and a   Psychotherapist & Facilitator. She has experience providing care to refugees and underserved both in the US and overseas in Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, and Eastern and Central Europe.

Christine designs tools that use images to help people make deeper connections. "I was excited to see the Home Based Life Saving Course uses pictures to teach also. I've also been impressed by the deep base of respect and spirit of collaboration that is built into the program."


 Cindy Ann Nelly


Cindy Nelly works as full-scope midwife a first responder, humanitarian and development practitioner for maternal-child health. Her current projects focus on the refugee crisis in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq. She is interested in bridging humanitarian and developmental programming to promote local care system response. She has worked in Gambia, Kenya, Rwanda, DRC, Morocco and Colombia and Venezuela. When in the US she works as a midwife and reproductive health care educator in schools in the southeastern US. 

Our Motivation

Every minute a woman dies in childbirth or from an illness related to childbearing, an estimated 600,000 per year. Childbirth is the leading cause of death and disability for women of reproductive age in the world.  Left behind are their 1 million children, motherless and vulnerable.  More women and consequently babies and young children die as result of pregnancy related complications than from malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.Safe Passage to Motherhood, (SPM) was founded to help address this compelling issue.  We are a group of health care providers and educators who are committed to empowering communities to improve outcomes for mothers and newborns by bringing the internationally acclaimed Home Based Life Saving Skills program to high need communities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the health of a society is reflected in the well being of its mothers and children.  Working for the survival of mothers is a human rights imperative.  Watching mothers and children die from preventable complications of childbirth drains the assets and spirit of a community. Education about pregnancy and birth, shared with sensitivity and in collaboration with our hosts will empower a community to improve their own maternal and neonatal health by having access to skilled care at the time of birth.  Guidance through knowledge and appropriate referrals to quality emergency obstetric care will create meaningful change that will outlast our presence in a community.

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